Sharrelle Higgins has a passion for advocating for women. She has dedicated her life to supporting, engaging, encouraging and empowering women to achieve their professional and personal goals. For many years, she chased her ambition of getting a seat and being a significant player at the leadership table in her human resources profession. As she moved up, she was becoming more and more unfulfilled. She started questioning why and what her purpose is on this earth? The more promotions she received, the less it felt rewarding inside. The financial gains were great, but she needed more. She wanted to feel energized, excited and like she was making a difference in the lives of others. After many internal struggles and sharing her struggles with others, her purpose was revealed when she was asked to deliver a presentation to a mentor/mentee cohort on “Empowering Women for Success”. While delivering this presentation, she felt fulfilled, energized and immediately knew that this is what she was supposed to be doing. She began to recall past experiences that gave her the same feelings of excitement, energy and fulfillment. She recognized that when she coached women through their life journey, those feelings were present and alive! This drove her to launch Ouchbby Productions.

Ouchbby Productions offers motivational speaking and life coaching for women. The motivational speaker series are designed to encourage authentic connections within and with others. She believe these series will support women through convictions,
them understand the power of their class, give them strength to have the necessary conversations and most importantly show them how to take control and ownership of their confidence, career and personal successes.

The life coaching sessions are available for personal and professional challenges and are confidential. The life coaching sessions are methodical and structured, about you, the client, future-focused, about listening and questioning, and action planning.  

Sharrelle Higgins has 25 years of experience motivating, mentoring and coaching women for personal and professional success. She received her B.S. Degree from Virginia State University and her Coaching Certification from George Mason University. She lives in Virginia with her husband of 23 years and two children.