Speaker Series

Ouchbby Productions Motivational Speaker Series are designed to encourage authentic connections within ourselves and others. We believe these series will support you through convictions, help you understand the power of your class, give you strength to have the necessary conversations and most importantly show you how to take control and ownership of your confidence.


The Glass Ceiling……..Ouchbby That Hurt!

Designed to challenge women to dig deep down inside to truly feel, understand and recognize the impacts of the glass ceiling. We know we can see above it because it is clear but when the glass ceiling becomes foggy, we become complacent and accepting. We think we don’t have the right hammer to break the glass. Let’s use our hammers and commit to breaking it together!


Self-Esteem, Self-Value and Self-Worth!

Designed to focus on what each one is, the differences between them and how you can have them all. We will talk about how to be respected for your value, not your price.


Marriage......For Better or Worse.........You Choose!

Oh if we only knew then what we know now. Love clouded our view, judgement and good senses. We thought For Better would always be. Then one day, For Worse showed up and showed out. This series is designed to talk about the truth of Marriage. What it is and what it is definitely not.


My Yesterday Will Not Be My Tomorrow!

Designed to walk you through acknowledging and embracing your past and using it as leverage for the future. We will let our testimonies be the catalyst for our successes. We all have a story, what’s yours?


Empower Now For Later!

Designed to talk about how we wait for others to empower us when the truth of the matter is we must empower ourselves. We will ask ourselves are “they” responsible enough to handle our empowerment? If we stay empowered we don’t have to get empowered.


Get Reenergized Now!

Our energy is low, our time for ourselves is limited and our service to others is unwavering. We will talk about how we increase our energy, take more guilt-free time for ourselves AND still be in service to others. Let’s get fired up by being in service not for service!


Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel trapped and don't know what to do? This series is designed to help you move from the feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired to a feeling of SEEM - supported, engaged, empowered and motivated.


Tell Yourself The Truth!

The wonderful uses of having a mouth is that we can use it to say whatever we want and to be whoever we want. The good news is that we don't need to use it to tell ourself the truth. Let's start telling ourself the truth so we can be our authentic self. The truth will hurt but the pain won't last forever.


I Love Me More Than I Love You

We didn’t really want to tell you right up front but this applies to everyone except who we believe is our higher being. We’ll talk about why we should love ourselves more than we love other human beings. This conversation will put you on a path to loving yourself more and show you how others will benefit from it.


Girls Night In

Are you and your girls staying in tonight? This is the perfect speaker series for you. It can be customized by topic or interest that’s geared toward supporting, uplifting and keeping it real.


Conduct leadership training on a variety of issues, such as human resources, equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion, coaching and mentoring, etc.

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